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BriteFinds™ Smart Hula Hoop

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BriteFinds™ Smart Hula Hoop

Burn Belly Fat Effortlessly From the Comfort of Your Home!

Are you looking to lose weight and get a slim waist but don’t have time for gym or workout classes? Use Smart Hula Hoop to lose your belly fat and get a slim waistline in a matter of weeks! It ensures a nonstop body workout by simply rotating the gravity ball attached to the hoop. You can watch your favorite TV show or just scroll TikTok while working out.

Miraculously Transform Your Body in Just a Few Weeks!

Experience fun and effective ways of working out! Plugin your favorite music, spin the hoop, and jam away as you strengthen your cardiovascular system, abdominal muscles, and glutes! Our weighted hoop ensures a nonstop body workout by simply rotating the gravity ball attached to the ring.


  • All-in-one Full-body Workout: The Smart Hula Hoop gives you a total body workout that will get your body in shape in less time than other forms of exercise. Thirty minutes with the Smart Hula Hoop is equivalent to a 45 min swim, a 60 min jog, or 3 hours of yoga!

  • A Faster Way To Lose Unwanted Fat - The secret to the efficient calorie-burning of the Smart Hula Hoop is in the constant engagement of the core muscles and the need to activate leg muscles to help power the movement. You will burn fat & calories at a rate of 500-600 calories/hr.

  • Fits All Sizes - Fully Adjustable Design - Smart Hula Hoop has 24 detachable links spanning 20-55” for all waist sizes. Detach connections as your middle reduces!
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Design - Comfortable and hugging your waist softly, The ergonomically designed cushions gently massage your abdomen as you spin the hoop. It is ultra-portable and perfect for home & outdoors: The Smart Hula Hoop is lightweight and portable; use it while enjoying the outdoors.


Material: ABS
Size: 11 x 7 x 7cm, Rope Length: 11cm


1 x Smart Hula Hoop


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