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Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit - Precision Drilling Made Easy! 50% OFF

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Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit - Precision Drilling Made Easy! 50% OFF

Drilling Has Never Been So Easy! Drill With Laser Precision.

Are you tired of not having a drill set to make various cuts in many different materials? Looking for a reliable and easy solution? Save an incredible amount of time & effort on your DIY projects!

Stop wasting time and put the Sawtooth Drill Kit to work! This will be your Go-To drill kit if you want to make cuts in metal, wood, plastic, etc with laser precision. You will get the job done faster & more efficiently! Work smarter, not harder.


  • Robust & Practical - A combination set of 6 specifications, 3-step drill bits, and 3 serrated drill bits to meet your diverse needs and improve work efficiency.
  • Precise & Efficient - Combining the multi-grid drilling of the pagoda bit and the sharp edge of the serrated bit to facilitate the removal of cutting waste when drilling, preventing iron chips or sawdust from scattering, makes drilling cutting faster, more precise, smoother, and more efficient.
  • Save Time and Money - Stop wasting time searching through your tools to try and make things work when you could have this reliable kit that works every time!

“As seen on TikTok, Snapchat & Instagram. Our Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit is here to help you drill like a PRO!”

  • Easy to Use - The Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit is titanium plated, with strong and reliable performance that will easily cut through many materials.
  • Universal Design - The Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit can attach to any electric drill in seconds and let you drill holes of your choice.
  • Wide Application - The titanium coating of the Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit ensures an easy cut through steel sheets, aluminum sheets, copper, plastic, wood, concrete, tile, brick, glass, masonry, and many more!


  1. Connect the drill bit to the power drill.
  2. Measure the diameter of the required hole size.
  3. Select the corresponding size of the step drill.
  4. Install the step drill correctly on the electric drill, and finally aim at the position of the target hole perpendicular to the workpiece, and then start drilling to get the right size you need.


  • Material: bearing steel
  • Weight: Box: 400g
  • Size: Step drill: 4-12, 4-20, 4-32 / Serrated drill: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • Surface Treatment: Titanium Plated

Package includes:

  • 1x Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit
  • Kit includes; 3x step drill (4-12/20/32mm),
  • 3x Saw drill (3/6/8mm),
  • 1x Storage Box


Love this Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit? Order it and get yours within 7-15 business days. We provide a full 30-day risk-free trial to ensure your satisfaction.


Due to the flash sale, we are officially running low on the Sawtooth High-Speed Drill Kit; please place your order while stocks last.