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Magic Cat Scratch Board Toy

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Magic Cat Scratch Board Toy

A Cute Scratchboard Is Your Cat’s Perfect PlayMate!

Are you looking for a soft scratch toy to keep your feline pet happily engaged for hours? The Magic Cat Scratch Board Toy is a cute little scratchboard your cat will love to play with & tease all day. Scratchboard will not only relieve your cat’s senses but will also fascinate your furry friend with its hide-and-seek tactics.

Reduce Your Cat's Anxiety & Boredom!

It is super flexible and extendable with magnetic ends to form the shape of a donut! It will instantly attract the cat's attention and reduce your cat's daily boredom and anxiety indoors.

An Ideal Anti-Anxiety Cat Toy!

Cat is a highly playful pet & becomes anxious in a domestic environment as it has less stimulation for exploration and fun. Magic Cat Scratch Board will relieve your cat’s anxiety & restlessness by keeping it interacting & exploring the ball inside it & scratching the round board for hours!


🐱 Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy - Your cat will flip, jump, and chase the Magic Cat Scratch Board to maintain its agility and health and lose weight in the process. Increase the cat's activity, strengthen the cat's physique, and improve the cat's intelligence in addition to soothing its mood by having endless fun playtime.

🐱 Attractive Ball Shaped Board Appeals To Your Cat’s Senses - This Magic Cat Scratch Board can keep cats interested for a long time. It appeals to all your cat's senses and satisfies your cat’s predatory hunting instincts.

🐱 Your Cat’s New Best Friend - Get ready for your cat to go crazy over their new favorite scratching toy! The Magic Cat Scratch Board Toy is a scratchboard built on innovation and entirely different. No need to worry about your furry friend alone all day now. It's great for stretching and exercise and is something they'll love to get their claws into.

🐱 Durable & Made With Premium Material - Made by manual cutting and pasting to corrugated paper, eco-friendly & high-density, and withstanding aggressive scratching. It is made of 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic material.

How To Use It:

🐈 Place the toy ball inside the scratchboard - psst it's included for free.

🐈 Connect both ends of your scratchboard using the magnetic ends.

🐈 Rotate the scratchboard outwards.

🐈 Watch your furry friend go nuts! That's it!

Package Includes:

1 * Magic Cat Scratch Board Toy


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