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BriteFinds™ iPhone Camera Lens Protector

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BriteFinds™ iPhone Camera Lens Protector

Get the Best Quality Shots! Keep your Camera Lens Scratch, Dust & Smudge-Free!

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Are you looking for a protective lens that best protects your iPhone camera and looks stunning? 

Whether you’re looking for something discreet to protect your latest iPhone camera lens or something fancy to jazz up your phone, iPhone Camera Protective Lens provides your delicate iPhone lens with the necessary protection.

It also looks super stylish, thanks to its diamond-coating film on the edges.

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Up To 5 Layers of Indestructible Protection!

  1. Upgraded aluminum alloy - 9H sparkle inlay
  2. A high aluminum glass layer
  3. Upgrade adsorption layer - firm without falling off
  4. Isolation layer - waterproof and dustproof
  5. Sticker - Scratch resistant


  • Provides Strong Protection - It protects the device from scratches, dirt, tears, and abrasions. So close to the thickness of the camera lens that you won't notice it.
  • Fingerprint-proof - The hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating reduces the effects of water and oil from the lens and provides the necessary protection against fingerprint stains.

  • High Transparency - It has only 0.2mm thickness and 99% transparency, ensuring more brightness and less glare on the lens.
  • Lightweight Material - The Protective Lens is made of ultra-thin material, providing lens protection without affecting the photo quality.

Installation Steps:

Step 1. Please do it in a clean room.
Step 2. Do simple hand hygiene first
Step 3. Use the cleaning kit to clean the phone lens from the outside, align the ring with the camera, and press firmly.
Step 3. Avoid touching the sticky surface.

Package Includes:

1 * iPhone Camera Protective Lens


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Due to the flash sale, we are officially running low on the iPhone Camera Protective Lens; please place your order while stocks last.