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Inflatable Travel Pillow #1 Neck Pillow For Long Flights!

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Inflatable Travel Pillow #1 Neck Pillow For Long Flights!

Make Your Long Journey More Comfortable & Stress-Free! 

If you travel often, you already know how difficult it is to sleep. You don’t have enough space & they provide the most uncomfortable pillow.

The Inflatable Travel Pillow provides you a perfect neck recline shape for comfortable sleeping and a less hectic journey!

The pillow’s ergonomic shape can soothe discomfort in your head, neck, and shoulders. The design follows the natural curve of your neck to reduce pressure.


  • Four Innovative Sleeping Positions - The Inflatable Travel Pillow offers 4 different sleeping positions to take a rest or a nap, allowing you to find the position you like best for getting your well-deserved sleep.

  • Easy To Add To Your Carry-On - The Inflatable Travel Pillow can be taken in bags and suitcases, and due to its inflatable feature, you can even store it inside your carry on bag. It takes up a fraction of the space.

  • Flexible Internal Support - The Inflatable Travel Pillow combines super-soft, hypoallergenic material with hidden internal neck support to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping.

  • Designed To Provide Ultimate Comfort - Our Inflatable Travel Pillow has been scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped neck pillow and has been strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders. It means that you will never need to struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position again.


  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Filling: PVC 
  • Material: Flocking
  • Size: approx35*30*50CM
  • Thickness: 0.55 mm after flocking

Package Includes:

1x Inflatable Travel Pillow


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