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Hands Free Cooling Fan - Stay Cool & Comfortable Anywhere!

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Hands Free Cooling Fan - Stay Cool & Comfortable Anywhere!

Do You Get Hot & Sweaty In The Summer? Stay Cool & Comfortable Anywhere With This Cooling Fan!

Are you worried about hot weather and is sweating making your life miserable? Don't let the summer heat hold you back! Stay cool all day with the Handsfree Cooling Fan. It clips perfectly under your clothes and blows cool air to keep you comfy.

It takes in the air and creates a refreshing breeze under your clothes. Be prepared to cool down, sweat less, and feel better.

Effortlessly Beat The Heat This Summer!

The Handsfree Cooling Fan is the perfect tool for sudden heat waves that affect you and is ideal for hot summer days. Whether you are working outside, going for a hike, or even driving on a sunny day, the Handsfree Cooling Fan is designed to last all day!

It has three-speed modes with a battery power indication and can last up to 10 hours with a single charge, thanks to its enormous 2000mAh battery!


  • Three-Speed Function - The Handsfree Cooling Fan has three-speed indicators that let you enjoy the cooling air however you want. Please press the button, and the first mode gets on; press again for the second, and press it a third time to get the fastest speed.

  • Power Indication For A Smoot Experience - You always get to know how much battery is left that is perfect for you to be ready for a smooth experience. The screen shows power from 0-100%, so you always know when to recharge the battery.

  • Long Battery Life - You can operate it for 10 hours on the first mode (Low mode), 4.5 hours on the second mode, and 2.4 hours on the third, which is the fastest one.
  • Perfect For Indoors & Outdoors - Whether you are home alone or outdoors with friends, wearing this Handsfree Cooling Fan will make you literally and figuratively the coolest.

  • Super Comfortable & Ultra Lightweight - The hands-free design makes this fan super functional. It is lightweight and comfortable, protecting you from any stress and irritation from hot and humid weather. You can hang it around your chest or clip it around your waist or simply make it a desk fan by putting out the clip and laying it down.


  • Operating current: 0.3-1.2A
  • Rated power: 1.2-5W
  • Capacity: 2000mA
  • Material: ABS/Electronic components
  • Size: 123x83x4 3mm/4.84x3.26x1.69in

Package Includes:

1x Handsfree Cooling Fan


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