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Electronic Measuring Spoon

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Electronic Measuring Spoon

Are You Tired Of Guessing Measurements? Get Your Very Own Smart Kitchen Assistant! Instant Game Changer!

To improve your home cooking, you want to be precise with your measurements; any home chef always faces the issue of measuring recipes with spoons. It’s incredible how different recipes can be affected by small amounts of ingredients.

An Electronic Measuring Spoon can make all the difference in your food prep. It makes cooking and baking  incredibly easy. No more guessing! Your meal will taste the same every time! Now you can weigh all your ingredients in a second when needed for your tasty recipes.

A Great Tool For Foodies, Dieters, And Home Cooks!

While using suitable old-fashioned measuring cups can work in most kitchen scenarios, measuring by weight with an Electronic Measuring Spoon can be a major game-changer in a few ways. Here’s why.

✔ Get More Accurate Results
✔ Keep Track Of How Many Calories And Other Nutrients You’re Getting
✔ Convert Measurements Easily To Different Units
✔ Easy Cleanup & Washing
✔ Help Make Recipes That Require A Precise Amount of Ingredients


  • Equipped With Different Modes & Functions - The spoon is equipped with over-load indication, auto-off with low power energy consumption, a balance adjustment function, and a large LCD Display. You can switch between 4 different units: g, oz, ct, gn, and the hold function will lock or unlock the weight reading.

  • Right Amount Every Time - Turn everyone’s eyes on your proportionate preparations. Using this scale will guarantee you get the right amount of ingredients for your baking and cooking recipes.

  • A Perfect Measurement Every time - The electronic Measuring Spoon is best for portioning tea, flour, spices, medicine, etc. Having a spoon scale for your kitchen is one of the most practical tools for food lovers, dieters, and home cooks.

  • High Precision - Ingredients range from 1g to 500g with a readability of 0.1g. The spoon has a capacity scale for easier and more accurate weighing.

Package Includes:

1x Electronic Measuring Spoon


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