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Electric Hair Remover

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Electric Hair Remover

Say Goodbye to Cuts, Nicks & Irritations!

Are you tired of trying product after product to get rid of unwanted hair?
It's not your fault; shaving was never easy, waxing is painful, and laser hair removal requires time & $$. And most razors cut & nick you, leaving you with rashes and ingrown hairs.
That is why we created the Electric Hair Remover. The only painless electric shaver that can guarantee to get the job done in minutes. Without nicks, cuts, or irritations, designed perfectly for all skin & hair types.

Get Silky Smooth Skin Painlessly & Instantly!

There are three kinds of options that you can use;

Body Shaver - You can safely use it on your legs, arms & bikini area without worrying about cuts, nicks, or irritations.

Pop-out Trimmer - Designed to safely shave your underarms without leaving you with rashes or ingrown hair.

Body Exfoliator - We recommend using the body exfoliator before shaving to prepare your skin for a clean, close & bump-free shave.


  • Dry Shaving Friendly - You can shave dry without worrying about nicks or irritations. It works perfectly with or without shaving creams or oils. Get your most comfortable shave ever and make hair removal fit better into your lifestyle.
  • Bikini Area Friendly - You can safely groom your most sensitive areas without snags or pulling. Unlike other razors, the Electric Hair Remover can be used to shave your legs, arms & bikini line without making you itchy afterward.

  • Shower Friendly - Waterproof & Cordless. So you can safely use it in the shower with Rapid USB charging & a safe lithium battery, and you're set for the best shave ever.
  • Coarse & Curly Hair - Dynamic Flex design. Electric Hair Remover makes shaving thick, coarse & curly hair safe and easy. With five dynamic heads that rotate & remove hair from every angle. It smoothly glides over your ankles, knees & blind curves.

  • No-Mess Feature - Hair-Pocket technology collects all of the cut hairs. You can quickly & efficiently clean the hair remover, which is fast & easy. Just open the shaver head & rinse it underwater to remove any hair (Or just brush it off).
  • Ergonomic Design - Ergonomic design gives you the ultimate control by making it fit like a glove in the palm of your hands.

Package Includes:

1 * Electric Hair Remover


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