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BriteFinds™ Anti Flat Head Baby Bed

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BriteFinds™ Anti Flat Head Baby Bed

No More Unhealthy Sleeping Positions For Your Baby!

If you are a new parent, you must now know how difficult it is to create peaceful sleep for your baby; plus, giving their head a good round shape is equally challenging & demanding.

What if we tell you that you can achieve both with our Anti Flat Head Baby Bed that gives your baby peaceful sleep, and in return, you get peace of mind. The Anti Flat Head Baby Bed is designed for comfort and better sleep for your little one.

Made With The Latest Three-Dimensional Support Active Technology!

The Anti Flat Head Baby Bed is equipped with the latest three-dimensional support active technology that corrects and prevents your baby from head deviation.

It protects the O-pressure neck, prevents the baby from jumping, gives your baby an ideal shape, and protects them from the flat head syndrome. Use it at home in a cot, crib, bassinet, or take it on the go - possibilities are endless!

Unique Design Details!

✔ Center Hollow Design - The hollow design in the center promotes blood circulation in the brain through ventilation and sweat, making it easy to shape a healthy head shape.

✔ Core Shaping Area - When the baby sleeps on the side and rotates automatically, the groove slope protection design evenly disperses the pressure and keeps the baby's head in good shape.

✔ Back Mesh Area - The back of the baby's bed is mesh-like, breathable, and sweat-wicking, relieving the pressure on the baby's back when lying flat.


  • Anti-Rollover Shaped Bed  - The shape of our baby bed imitates the infant's embryo period and mimics the shape of the female uterus. An ANTI-ROLLING-shaped bed stops them from spilling over into awkward positions.
  • Reduces the Risk of Flat-Head  - The Anti Flat Head Baby Bed is designed to distribute pressure evenly over the skull and neck. It helps the baby develop the proper head shape and prevents the risk of the flat-head syndrome.

  • Provides Ultimate Comfort - The Anti Flat Head Baby Bed is made of soft, breathable fabric that keeps the back and neck areas of the baby in a relaxed & comfortable position.
  • Helps Prevent Startle Reflex - The built-in cushioned edges are an essential part of the practical design. It creates a cocoon feel that reassures the baby and prevents the startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex.


  • Cushion material: Sky memory cotton
  • Applicable age:  0-12 months
  • Technology: One-step molding of plastic mold
  • Usage: Head styling / neck / head deviation prevention
  • Weight: 0.45KG
  • Size: 56*37*8cm

Package Includes:

1x Anti Flat Head Baby Bed


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